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Drarry and Teen Wolf (mostly Sterek) recs.

I will be saving any fics I’ve linked on here that are hosted on hexfiles or hpfandom tomorrow morning.

Very sad news to hear the sites are shutting down.

First to download will be Secrets by Vorabiza - one of the first fics I ever read

→ And I Know the Spark

All Draco cares about is keeping Potter alive, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

→ Pret-a-Partenaire

Of all the sandwich joints in London, he had to walk into Harry’s.

→ Shouldn't

On the second day of classes at Hogwarts, Professor Moody crosses the line. Harry isn’t exactly fond of Draco Malfoy (in that he has seriously thought about punching him in the nose once a week for three years), but being turned into a ferret and bounced around the halls is a bit much. Harry decides to tell Draco as much, and the confessions that follow lead to a tentative truce.

→ Someone Just Like You

Harry is horrified when he finds out someone is planning to create a copy of him for their sexual pleasure. Then he finds out it’s Draco Malfoy making the copy.

→ Anthem of the Angels

In the days after Hogwarts and in the midst of the war, Harry is surprised to find himself developing feelings for Draco Malfoy. At war’s end, he is devastated when an unknown curse threatens to separate them forever.

→ Lorelei in the Menagerie

"I think my dead son is haunting the manor," says Draco when Harry runs into him in an antique book shop. Driven by yearning and suspicion, Harry offers his help and is drawn into a web of secrets and half-forgotten nightmare.

→ Cake, Please

Harry is struggling with mental health issues, and Draco is struggling with his sexuality. They both feel alone and broken, until Harry hires Draco as a portrait painter.

→ For We Remember

It’s been three years, five weeks and three days. I know, because it will be Scorp’s third birthday in a week. James remembers, he was only six at the time, but he remembers what it was like before. Lily doesn’t, she was only two. Three years, five weeks and three days. 

→ Obsessions

Harry is surprised when Draco makes him a proposition-after all, how often is it that a Death Eater’s son and your own worst enemy asks for a second chance? 

There’s a sequel as well!